Yay for mondays

Today should be an exciting day!
Work till 1
Kitchen meeting with Amy and Dylan
Work on review
Dinner with some of my favorites - continuing our Monday night tradition
Standards meeting for the chapter I advice..

Looking forward to the short week! I leave for St. George Island for the chapters annual executive board retreat on Friday am!


  1. OOOh I think we need to have our executive board retreat at St. George island....Totally unfair!

  2. oh.. come join us.. I have found it to be uber productive.. as they are away from tallahassee, and any distractions.. While they are at the beach, it is too cold to be distracted by wanting to lay out, or go in the pool.. I'll update with photos all next weekend!

  3. That sounds like one great day! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. Southern Momma-
    Thanks so much! Busy week ahead looking forward to the weekend!