Bowling Party

A blogger friend, Short Southern Momma , recently shared on twitter, that her daughter Macy had decided she wanted to have her Birthday party at a bowling ally. My first thoughts were "how does one decorate for a bowling themed party" "what can the favors be" Well, I am sure it comes to no surprise, that I did a little internet "research" and it looks like the party can be totally girly, bowling themed and fun..

1. the invitations- you can create adorable bowling shoes that actually lace up- you can make them in any color.. heck, you could even make pink/purple ones for the girls and blue/green ones for the boys.. OR you can make adorable pin/ball invitations

2. "take aways" for the party.. what about individually packaged bowling ball and pin cookies. Put one of each in a plastic bag, and tie it with a ribbon (in the party colors) on top, and place them in a basket to hand out. You can get the cookie cutter here  and reference my sugar cookie recipe here

3. Outfit for the birthday gal.. You can either go 50's glam, with a poodle skirt, OR you can make her, her own official Birthday gal, bowling shirt...

Some ideas below:... note there are TONS of ideas for Bowling cakes/cupcakes out there.. 

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  1. Jaden had a bowling party last year -- I made a really cute invite in photoshop -- printed it as a photo (that's how I do most of my invites). Let me know if you're interested in seeing it!

  2. Britain, I decided I'm going to archive all of your blog so I can come back to it when I'm a momma.... you always have the most fun things!

  3. OMG girl...thank you.thank you.thank you!! I am in awe of all these great ideas! I can't wait for Macy to get home to show her these ideas! Your the BEST!! I can't thank you enough! xoxo

  4. Maddy- thanks girl.. no worries.. It will be here for you when you need it!

    Leslie- oh I want to see!!!

    SSM- of course! that is what friends are for.. can't wait to see how everything turns out with Macy!