Mardi Gras for the weekend

I am in my hometown of New Orleans for the weekend! 

Last night- we went to the Muses parade. such a great crew, tey were celebrating their 10th anniversary, and everything was shoe themed. Not suprising since it is an all female crew. How can you not love that ..

Muses, named for the daughters of Zeus and patrons of the arts and sciences, is New Orleans' only all-female night parade. The parade has become one of Mardi Gras' favorites, thanks not only to its humorous and biting parade themes, but also for its sought-after throws. Muses began parading in 2000 and is the only all-female krewe to roll at night. Special throws include decorated shoes. Groups including the Big Easy Rollergirls also parade with Muses.
Muses, having first paraded in 2000, has more than 1,000 members. Of those, 770 will ride its 26 floats designed by Blaine Kern, accompanied by 25 bands and marching groups. Although the parade's theme is kept secret, parade-goers are assured to get a glimpse of three signature Muses floats: "The Shoe," "The Bathtub" and "The Sirens."
Muses will celebrate its 10th anniversary with special anniversary-edition throws.  Special throws promised this year include Muses leather-strap rhinestone bracelets in black and pink, a 10th-anniversary historic bead with a shoe from each year of the parade, a plush gold and red Cupid's arrow "spear" with a heart-shaped tip, "re-musable" totes sporting this year's 10th anniversary dancing Muses artwork, multiple strands of glass-seed beads and much more. I am excited to share I scored both the leather rhinestone bracelet, the historic shoe bead bracelet, and the commemorative necklace!
This am, we attended Iris, and Tuck, had poboys at Johnnys, enjoyed a Dixie Beer,  and are headed out to Endymion for more fun tonight!!! More photos to come..

Endymion gets its name from the like-named figure of Greek mythology, the most handsome of men and the god of youth and fertility. First parading in 1967, Endymion quickly emerged as one of Carnival's 'Super-Krewes' in 1974 with the inclusion of more floats and celebrity guests. Parades feature some of the largest floats as well as famous faces of movies, music and television. Past Grand Marshals include the likes of Bobby Vinton, Chuck Norris and Britney Spears.
Did you know: With more than 2,400 riders, Endymion is the largest parade in all of Carnival.
Known for their generosity, members of the super krewe will throw an array of Endymion items, including a special penguin in honor of Endymion, born at Audubon Zoo last year on parade day.

"Abracadabra" will be the mystical theme for this parade and will be carried out on 26 theme floats. Titles will include "The Enchanted Cup of Comus," "The Witches of Macbeth," "Magicians" and "Black Magic." In addition to the theme floats, Endymion watchers will see a variety of signature floats in this gigantic street procession, including a relit captain's float, floats for each member of the royal court and Capt. Eddie's SS Endymion steamboat, a multi-tandem roller with fiber optics.

Saints owner Tom Benson and his wife Gayle will be the grand marshals and are expected to be joined by several members of the team. Celebrity guests include Trombone Shorty and Kellie Pickler. Monarchs for the krewe are Kelly Elizabeth Giardina and Patrick Russo.


  1. y'all look precious. love that you planned the photo to have your purple coats with the green and yellow in the background making the perfect Mardi Gras color trifecta (sp?) - and I know that was planned by you GAP girlies!

  2. ha.. totally not planned.. we actually both have on black coats, they just look purple.. but love the way it turned out! Thanks so much!

  3. I ride in Muses!!!! If you are in town next year, I'll give you my riding location so I can get you ALL kinds of great Musey things!!!

  4. OMG... that is super awesome! I will def. be back in NOLA for Mardi Gras! and will let you know.. My bestie and I had a blast at Muses this year!! We have decided it is our 10 year goal to be part of a krewe/ride on a float! =)