Oscars Home!

Oscar Augusto Lobos in his home, I LOVE that he has his framed photo of our team in his picture!

As many of you know, this past October, I traveled with Gap Inc Foundation to Guatemala to participate in a Community Corp trip building homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International.  We were able to get a done of work done during our trip, but left the home unfishined. Habitat staff members, volunteers and our family have been working to finish the home. Today I received an email that Oscar was able to move in to his home.

Just a little something I had to share.. as it is all to often that we take for granted the simple things in life, such as a roof over our head.. 

one of the beautiful cathedrals in town, and Team "Aqua" -who worked on Carlos' house

  The hallway essentially lead through the kitchen of the sister of Carlos.. the land was given to the siblings by the parents.. and in the end one sister will live upfront, while another sister and Carlos live in the house we were working on


  1. Hi there! I sought out this post after our 140 character-per-thought convo on Twitter this weekend! I am also considering writing an article for our local Certified Public Managers group about why it is good for people who work together to serve together. I can't WAIT to meet our family's "Oscar" - the child we have sponsored for six years - I always hated just reading about other countries in school books and am so excited at the age of 46 to be finally actually seeing one of those countries IRL! I appreciate your encouragement and enthusiasm - Paula

  2. Paula- you are going to have an AMAZING time. I have participated in Gap Inc community corp 3 times, and volunteered with habitat several additional times. It truly is hard work, but is a labor of love.. It will change you in some ways (all good in my opinion) Oscar & family are in Antiqua, Guatemala, I flew into Guatemala City- I have a long story about that for another time..

    When are you headed out?