Party planning has begun....

A good friend is starting the planning process for her daughters Bar Mitzvah! 
Theme is "Club Becca"
She has asked me to help with the brainstorming.. which you know I am all about 
What I know thus far:
Who:50ish teens, 100ish adults
What:Celebration for Becca
When: October of 2012- yes it is a bit out to be planning, but you know I am a planner & luckily for Becca so is her mom
Where: Maryland
Becca's Fav color: sky blue
ideas: Save the date- either a)have a "club promoter type post card" Think glossy, Club/Bar Mitzvah logo, event details, I am thinking black background, with writing in blue with white/silver outline.. Something simple, perhaps with the "logo" for the event OR b)something to coordinate with the more formal invitation
invitations: something a little more formal. Think classy but sassy.. I am thinking a black envelope with a white seal/white wrap around with blue writing. Perhaps a pocket type invite that includes the RSVP, and maybe even something/ticket to redeem for the favor, or small map to the location. I am thinking the envelope and invite will either contain the events logo, or perhaps an image (for some reason a pea cock feather comes to mind?!?!)

That is it for today.. more on decor, favors, etc to come.... 


  1. please do not AGE me this way. I remember when Becca was only "announced" by her momma to me on Super Bowl weekend long ago at UMD. wow, I am old.

  2. ha ha... no worries your secret is safe on here.. and her Bar Mitzvah isn't for a few years..