Random finds for Becca's big bash

Party decor that will transform a bare room into your dream 
could be fun, if done with black fabric on walls/ceiling
image from evolutions
lighting ideas...  I really like the spheres in the bottom right
Yup Becca needs to see her name/initials/logo in lights!!  and not b/c I LOVE a good monogram, but becuase this is one of those simple things that will "kick it up a notch"
dancefloor at wedding surrounded by led mood lighting with blue and pink colours
like the idea of the pink/blue lights

wondering what I am talking about.. see original post


  1. Love the lighting on the dance floor (think we've talked about this one already).

    Hubby will kill me if I tell him we need to spend the $ to drape the walls of the room with fabric. But the lighting could work . . .

    Love ya!

  2. And now I can keep up with Becca's bash online!! Love love love the monogram.

  3. Leslie- that is what I figured with the walls, but I found the photo & loved it! What color is the inside o the room??