Valentines Day is quickly approaching...

This year, Sweethearts candy will feature the message “Tweet Me” among the more traditional “Love Me” and “Be Mine” hearts.
It’s not the first time Sweethearts have featured technology-driven messages. “Fax Me” and “Email Me” are the techno messages of Valentine’s Day past. In this case, the Twitter message actually seems to fit the medium quite well, as explained in USA Today.
“We’ve always been short and sweet,” says Jackie Hague, vice president of marketing at New England Confectionery, maker of the Sweethearts brand. “In this case, the technology merged with the ritual.”
Apparently, the Twitter move was consumer-driven. An online survey last year asked consumers for new sayings and “Tweet Me” won out, according to Hague.
Sweethearts executives phoned Twitter executives, and a match was made. “It’s even more proof that people can say anything in short messages,” says Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. “A 140-character message may seem short. Sweethearts are even smaller.”
 info found on BFG's blog


  1. Have you seen the New Moon Forbidden Fruits Sweethearts? DAZZLE, BITE ME, LAMB, LOVE 4 EVER. Think I may have to pick them up for a few friends of mine...

  2. ha, I have not.. but then again I have not read twighlight so I might of missed them.. I know a few girls who would LOVE them though...