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 So... the below article was recently forwarded to me by a friend, as she knew I would get a chuckle out of it.... Recently, I have been contacted by several "ex-boyfriends" while I have yet to respond to them, I did engage in conversation with my "girl friends" about how crazy it is that the internet allows such contact with those who are no longer a part of our lives.. This article expresses some of our thoughts..

The Ex Who Never “Dies” Continued

Lindsey HoeppnerLindsey Hoeppner is a senior in Alpha Chi Omega studying journalism. You can reach her at:
So after writing my “ex who never dies” article a few weeks ago, about how due to social networking site (namely Facebook), we will always know what our ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is doing. We’ll know when they find someone new, when they get a new job, when the move, if the go to grad school and, way down the road, we’ll know when they get engaged and when they have kids … the list goes on. Anyway, something happened to me recently that proves my point – because of Facebook, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends even from AGES ago never stay in the past (where they often belong).
During the summer before I started high school, I went on a cruise with a group of my friends (and my mom supervised well, she sort of did). While on this cruise I met this boy. For the sake of protecting his identity lets call him Kyle. Anyway, Kyle was a sophomore in high school and I felt awesome that he liked me. Of course during the seven-day cruise we, “fell in love” – ha I crack up at this now.
Post-cruise we stayed in touch via AIM and occasional phone calls. Then he actually came and visited me, since he lived in Pittsburg, which is like two hours from my Cleveland, Ohio suburban town. Eventually the little fling fizzled out and I moved on with my life.
Kyle never really crossed my mind during my subsequent high school years but, he re-entered my life when I was a sophomore in college. How did he do this you may ask, and I bet you can guess the answer – Facebook.
I remember seeing his friend request and thinking “wow, I remember that guy, OMG I thought I was so in love … blah blah blah. And then, of course I clicked “accept” and promptly began perusing his profile, stalking, if you will. I found out that he was dating someone, had transferred three times and was undecided about his major. Oh yea, and he wasn’t as cute as I remember.
Fast foreword to this year … (eight years since communication with Kyle cease) …TIME: 4am DATE: JAN 24, 2010
My iPhone buzzed hard enough to wake me up and as I sleepily looked at the screen I saw, “Kyle has sent you a message on Facebook.” Now I was awake. What in the world could he possibly have to say to me after all these years … well you wanna know? Here’s the message:
“Sooooo…i couldnt sleep and reached under my bed for my box of old things and saw the letters and pictures of you and julie ann on a boat and train in new york city and the directions for making a hemp necklace… by the way i still have the beads from your bracelet lol….im not gonna lie i kinda got teary eyed going through that stuff i miss the good old days….then i saw the letter stacy wrote me….and couldnt help but laugh at how weird and goofy she was! haha anyways sorry for messaging you but i thought it might make you laugh!!
I know your probably lost in regards to some of the ancient inside jokes that even I, myself had trouble remembering but, this message proves my point – that ex’s, even those from eight years ago, never go away.”
I feel like Facebook goes against nature. Sometimes people are only supposed to be in your life for a moment, and then they are supposed to go away and leave us with whatever memories we had with them. But because of Facebook this doesn’t happen anymore, they can come back randomly and mess with the great memories.
Afterthought…. I still haven’t responded to “Kyle’s” message. And, I can’t really decide if I should or what I even should say. Any suggestions for me? Email me at (or Facebook request me and message me that way … doesn’t matter to me either way).

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