Loving my Little Brother..

             While, I don't blog often about "my life" My quote of the day, Inspired me to dedicate a blog post to my "little brother." My brother, Dan, while 5 years younger than me, is not my "little" brother anymore. In fact, he towers over me, at over 6ft tall.
          Some my argue that we are total opposites with me being the "preppy, Gap Gal" & him being the "Trendy BMX Boy" I would argue that underneath our "external shell" we have a ton in common.....
1. We both LOVE to travel, & are always planning our next adventure. 
2. We both love to try new things: be it food,a drink, a new adventure, new book, new music.
3. We both value our family, and are pretty close to each other and our parents...
4. We both like to push our selves to be our personal best- in work, life, relationships, etc..

Below are some of my favorite recent photos of my brother
 Thanks Dan for being the best little brother a gal could ask for!!

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