Ring Shots....

A friend of mine recently forwarded me a link to Millie Hollomans blog, as she wanted to share pregnancy photos with me. I of course adored her photos, and then found myself looking through the blog at various photos from weddings, to newborns, engagement to family sittings- she does great work. One thing that caught my eye on her site, were her adorable "ring" shots.... A few or my favorites are below: enjoy
 I am in LOVE with this ring..
Similar ring, totally different photo..  not sure if I like the band
love this shot, great lighting, and beautiful rings

wonder how many times they had to "drop" the rings to get this shot?

ha.. the couple had "props" at the guest book table, for guests to take photos to put in the book. clever and fun!
and a little something fun- quite possible the cutest "vechicle" for leaving a wedding (disclaimer: not sure how I feel about the short wedding dress)

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Today is the last day!


  1. Those ring shots are AMAZING! I am loving the shoes in the last two photos - they are just like my wedding shoes only a different color!

  2. oh what color did you have!!! I LOVE LOVE wedding photos... and find myself getting "lost" on photography blogs..