Tissue Paper Dye Egg

  • hard boiled eggs
  • squares of tissue paper in many different BRIGHT colors (1 1/2 inch squares are about right)

    • must be fresh tissue paper... not the old, ratty, recycled 200 times tissue paper I usually use for crafts *grin*
  • Spritzer of water or bowl of water
  • spritz or dip egg in water (get it all wet)
  • pick up squares of tissue paper one at a time and lay around the egg.  Feel free to use different colors and to overlap them.
  • Spritz with water again if the tissue paper didn't get completely wet.
  • Set aside in a bowl or margarine container to dry.
  • When the egg dries, the tissue paper will fall off, but the pretty colors will stay behind.  It gives something of a stained glass look to the eggs.
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