Cupcake Delivery.....

Ummm bownbown chickachickAH...Oh yeah! 
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Ever want to send cupcakes to one of your friends or loved ones for a special occasion.. 
If you are like me.. tons of my friends are obsessed with cupcakes. For me, in particular we love the Cake Shop Cupcakes. The Cake Shop, in Tallahassee has cupcakes have the perfect ratio of cake to frosting! A new cupcakery in town Lucy and Leos, is shaking up the mix a bit, with their "happy hour" cupcakes, and adorable boutique! Neither of the above places ship however, so when I was looking for a way to send cupcakes to a friend, I found a great article, that rated cupcakery's  that ship, and of course have to share my findings.... You can check out the full article, that ran in the Wall Street Journal by clicking here

Company Price Service Taste Who They're Right For
Georgetown Cupcake
$29 for 12 cupcakes plus $26 for overnight UPS shipping, for a total of $55 (about $4.58 per cupcake).We were skeptical of the company's low-tech system for advance orders (send an email with the desired date after the order is placed), but it worked.The cupcakes won our informal taste test, with key lime and red velvet scoring high marks, but the banana icing got dissed.People who want designer cupcakes that look good and actually taste good, too.
Dean & Deluca
$55 for nine "Winter Wonderland" cupcakes plus $27.45 for overnight UPS shipping, for a total of $84.82 including tax (about $9.42 per cupcake).We liked the live-chat feature on the site, even though our personal shopper went AWOL for a few minutes.The cupcakes were drier than the others, and the company said it would send a new batch.People who like to admire the artful look.
$28 for six cupcakes plus $23.95 for overnight FedEx shipping, for a total of $56.11 including tax (about $9.35 a cupcake).Picking a future delivery date was a bit confusing, but our order arrived on time.The cakes fared well in our taste test, with testers deeming them more brownie-like but still yummy.Chocolate fiends.
$21.70 for six "signature" sized cupcakes plus $16 for local delivery, for a total of $37.70 (about $6.28 a cupcake).We didn't test the nationwide shipping since we live in a city with a nearby shop.Fresh but a bit big and topping-heavy, with oodles of sprinkles, candies and fillings.People who have a sense of humor.


  1. Loved this post! I had the yummiest cupcake last year in St. Augustine. It was chocolate with a salty peanut butter frosting. I might pay a million dollars to have that delivered to me. Maybe not actually that much, but a lot!!!

  2. OH, where in St Aug? I get over that way ever so often with my friends who live in Jax! Who knew cupcake delivery was so pricey, right?

    I love your blog, & am happy to have stumbled upon it. I was born in Nola, and try to get back as often as possible!