"Date Night"

When talking with some of my girl friends recently, we started discussing ideas for "date nights" We discussed- what are some fun things that we enjoyed doing with close friends, family, and those we are dating/married to. We tried to think of new ideas & things that didn't cost a fortune..  Below are some of the ideas we can up with.. Obviously for those of you who know me.. (you know which ones are mine.. ha ha )
  1. Art Gallery Most art galleries are free, so check out new artists in your area. Free wine is often served on the opening night of exhibits. Cheers! One of my favorite "events" in Tallahassee is 1st Friday  
  2. Thrift Shopping Head store and have a contest to see who can find the wackiest item. The only catch? You can spend no more than $10 each.  You can do this antiquing, at a thrift store, or even during a random outing to Target/Home Depot
  3. Bowling Between the $5 pitchers and the "HOT" rental shoes, it’s perfect for some low-key fun. 
  4. Local Concerts Check your local paper or its website for free concerts.  Click here for Tallahassee events 
  5. Hiking Pack your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, bottles of water, and yummy sandwiches/snack.. heck you can even have a picnic!! 
  6. Volunteer together Doing good together can be a lot of fun and it can be incredibly rewarding..
  7. Cooking Class Get friends together and ask everyone to bring their favorite recipes and the ingredients to make them.  This could be fun... You could also rotate dinner parties at different friends/couples houses
  8. Spa Night Take turns giving each other massages and rinse off all that oil with a bubble bath. Just don’t get too relaxed. Falling asleep really kills the mood! If you are doing it with friends- a spa night sponsored by BeautiControl can be fun 
  9. Historic Tour Every town or city has a unique history, so find out yours by taking a walking tour of local sites with historical significance. Depending on where you live, you could take a ghost tour, campus tour, etc.. 
  10. Pottery Painting Okay, you won’t exactly be able to reenact the scene from Ghost at a pottery shop, but you’ll be able to paint funky items that will become a conversion piece in your home
 What are you favorite "date nights"

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