Little lambie.....

Check out the most adorable cupcake below, my friend Amy sent my way! I am totally going to have to make these for Easter next year!  She found them on foodnetwork. I included directions on how to decorate it below, but the directions for the cupcake, frosting, etc are on the foodnetwork site, you click on the link to get to them.
                                                  Directions Frost cupcake. Place the large marshmallow in the center. Lightly frost candy eyes and press onto the marshmallow. Frost the back of the jujube candy and put below eyes to for a nose. Frost the short piece of licorice lightly and press underneath the nose to make the mouth. Press mini-marshmallows all around the cupcakes and the face to make the lambs coat. Frost the tips of the pink jelly beans to make ears. Stick the purple jelly beans in the front and back of the cupcake for feet. Curl the long piece of licorice and press into frosting to make the lamb's tail.
photo also from foodnetwork


  1. Those are too cute! Hope you have a great Easter! xoxo

  2. Thanks girl! Happy Easter to you too!