Mom Agenda, is not just for Moms....

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I don't know what I would do without my "Mom Agenda" It is honestly the PERFECT planner! Not only does it offer Month, & week views. But in the weekly views, I am able to make Daily "To Do" lists up top, and then list my commitments in the slots below (the slots are originally for listing kids calendars) The planner runs August - August (coinciding with schools' calendars.) Great for me since I am an advisor & I live in a college town, so almost everyone is on the Aug-Aug schedule!
The planner also boosts an area in the back for party planning, trip planning, etc!!! AND has a removable portion for contacts- that can be moved from planner to planner each year!

actual photo of my current Mom Agenda
Mom Agenda also offers a "My Agenda" This planner is the same as above, but removes the Kid aspects, & adds fun facts for the "Every Day gal".... I would get this one, except, I love the faux crocodile pink that only comes in Mom Agenda. I am torn this year as the new colors are bold, & quite eye catching. I personally order the desktop (while a little big to carry in my purse) it is the "perfect" size for me, & I can put a folded 8x11 paper in the front pocket. I had the mini, when I was in college. 

Be sure to check out the agendas here and order  


  1. These are my FAVORITE! And now that I'm not investing in a smartphone until the iPhone comes to verizon, I'm totally going to splurge on one of these for next year!

  2. OMG you will LOVE LOVE it!!

  3. I soooooo need one of these! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xoxo

  4. have a good weekend, i assure you it is the best planner i have ever had!

  5. my planner goes everywhere with me, i may have to try this one