The Preppy Mafia.. how did I not know about this before???

This weekend while "Blog surfing" I came across some of the most adorable sites... Yesterday, you learned about Kitchen Belleicous. Today I want to share with you The Preppy Mafia, Shopaholic in Alabama, & Social Climbers.
Preppy Mafia is an idea conjured up by 2 Preppy Girls and Social Climbers. The idea is to be apart of a group of women who share the same interest and are there for one another. The official motto for Preppy Mafia is taking over the world one monogram at a time! How perfect of a motto is that.. I espcially loved their recent post on college style, as a chapter advisor, I often wonder "what are these women wearing"

For anyone that knows me, knows that I love to Monogram, and love all things monogrammed. Below are some of my favorite monograms, that I just can't live without.. 
My favorite! This initial Candle, is adorable, & smells amazing. 
I carry this Trevis Tumbler everywhere, Prior to lent, it was usually filled with a Diet Coke, but these days it is only water for me!
 This adorable tote, is compliments of the ladies I advice, they gave it to me as a gift last fall. I mainly use it as a beach bag, but it is a great size tote, for nearly anything
This combines two of my favorites. Gap Jeans and my monogram. 
Such an easy way to personalize an everyday wear!

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