Sugar Scrub...

Ever try making your own sugar scrub? My friend "Applewhite" and I tried this out a few months back, & I loved it! I am almost out.. But this time, I've decided to make some for friends as well.  It's only 4 ingredients, and one of them is optional.

What you need: White Sugar,Brown Sugar,Olive Oil & Vanilla(optional)
  1. Find a container- really whatever you would like, from a mason jar, to a recycled container, anything is game. You can always dress it up, and decorate it as you choose!
  2.  Measure your Brown Sugar- you will want your parts equally mixed, so depending ont he container you are using, you wil want to measure equal amounts of sugar to fill it!
  3.  Add White sugar (equal amount to the brown) and MIX!
It should look like the above when you're done.
4. Pour mixture into container!  Fill it pretty full, the oil will tamper it down.
5. Add oil.  Pour it in and let it bubble down to the bottom, then pour in a little more, and so on and so forth. Mix it around with a spoon if you need to & it will speed up the process.
6.(optional) Add Vanilla- adding Vanilla adds a scent. You can also add an essential oil if you'd like
7.decorate the container, with a bow, a note card, or whatever you may like!


  1. apples - I love that applebottom girl! Olive oil is also fantastic for your scalp. before you get in the shower put some on your fingertips and massage it into your scalp then wash and condition as usual. really, your scalp will ♥ you

  2. Jenny Sue- Thanks so much for the fun fact, will def. have to give it a try!