Behind the 3
Mini #1 Hadley most of you know I work for Gap, and have for the past eleven years.... During this time I have come to know many of the stores regular customers. In fact, there are some minis whom I have known since "before they were born".... It is quite fun to watch as the families & babies grow. To watch as they shop in BabyGap, to GapKids, and even for some now Gap... Some of my current "favorite customers" are Chris and Rian, who are the proud parents of triplets, Hadley, Carson, and Reece... They are an absolutely adorable family.
   mini #2- Carson                                       mini #3- Reece
Chris mentioned one day that he had a blog, Behind the 3, that chronicled the the triplets from his point of view.  I of course added this to my blog roll, and have been reading occasionally ever since. Recently the family celebrated the triplets 1st birthday.. and had to my surprise had one of my favorite local photographers, Terri Smith take photos..

I of course have to share with you some of the photos from her shoot. (1st the triplets individuals above- so cute right?) then below the nursery... I love it.. Rian did a great job making a room that is perfect for the 2 girls and their beau to grow up in.. The room is classic, preppy, and overall precious.. 
I hope the family had an amazing 1st birthday party! I can't wait to see the mini's-  to wish them Happy Birthday myself! and to tell Rain what an amazing job she did with the nursery. 

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