Loves it!

My good friend Sean, over at Always Thirteen Studios has a great 365 blog, where he chronicles some of his favorite shots, family occasions, etc.. He has a great eye...  In addition to his love of photography he has a love of cars.. Yesterday, the BF and Sean were able to "talk shop" for a while.. while I played with Seans' mini's and caught up with Mer.  Below are some of my recent favorites from the blog.. be sure to check it out..

The BF's new car... 
Seans Car..  
 Seans youngest... and the most precious baby girl EVER!!!
Sean's "mini-me", Carson.. This kid is great.. While he can raise hell with the best of them, Yesterday he wanted to cuddle on the couch with me watching TV and reading books...
A random recent "stripper" squirrel.. how great is this shot right?

Seriously... check out the blog for some candid photos!!!

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