Luck of the Irish....

My good friend Ashley, is mid- wedding planning. She constantly is finding the cutest craft projects, and of course sharing with me.. Her most recent find comes from Wedding Bee Blog.The project: homemade shamrock boutonnieres. While I do not see myself incorporating these into my wedding.. I can totally see myself making them for St Patrick's Day!.... Enjoy the tutorial below...
To make them I used green satin fabric, a few sticks and some tiny pine cones
I folded the fabric and made all of the clovers by hot gluing them together:
After that I attached the little sticks and mini pine cones:
I added a piece of green felt and a brooch pin to the back so it would be easier for them to put on:
For presentation I printed on Kraft paper that I cut to the proper size, then folded and glued it together with a little message for each one of our family members.
And TA-DA! the boutonnieres were ready to be handed out

So cute right? I can totally see myself making them for my friends this St Patrick's Day!!!

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