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   I opened the Democrat (The local Tallahassee newspaper) today to find a great article on Midtown. I personally love the Midtown area. It has some great local restaurants & bars, and some adorable boutiques. I open find myself out with friends enjoying dinner outside @ Tapas, or Chez Pierre,  a drink @ Krewe de Gras, or the Winery ..or browsing at Cole Couture, or Textures. These are just a few, there are many, other local establishments in the area that promise good food, good drinks, and good finds. I have included the article below from online for you to enjoy...
Bartender Ian Douthirt makes a Cajun Bloody Mary Thursday, April 15, 2010 at Krewe de Gras on Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Fla. With shopping by day, restaurants for dinner, and nightlife, the Midtown district has grown over the years.
     Photo above is Ian from Krewe De Gras
Midtown is on the move.  The area was once a bucolic spread of pastures, orchards and corn fields. But the lazy buzzing of bees in the pear tree blossoms has given way to the busy bustle of shops, restaurants and bars as the area has undergone a growth spurt.
      The commercial character of Midtown is as fluid as its boundaries. One restaurant closes its doors and another is waiting to claim its space. Businesses on Midtown’s outer fringes proudly claim residency in the desirable area. Midtown proper is considered the area bordered by Thomasville Road and North Monroe Street, stretching north to Bradford Road. Some consider the southern boundary of Midtown to bump right up against the border of downtown, all the way to Tennessee Street.
          The area is home to a potpourri of businesses, all wanting a piece of that laid-back Midtown mojo. That indefinable oomph has made Midtown a haven for hip nightspots, a veritable world bazaar of eateries, funky shops, art galleries, saloons and chichi stores — most of them locally owned businesses.
Midtown’s sparkle and cachet extend into its bordering neighborhoods — Lafayette Park and Old Town to the east, Los Robles to the north, and Sunnyland and Levy Park (which residents have dubbed “Midtown West”) on the other side of Monroe Street.   The Democrat heeded Midtown’s siren song.
          We parked the car and strolled around, sniffed the air and talked to some of the folks who flock there, as well as the business owners who welcome them. We came away with a micro-portrait of a burgeoning area that has become a mecca for young professionals, families, indie hipsters, Tallahassee natives and others drawn by its comfortable atmosphere and easy accessibility.
            You can read our report — along with a look at the business angle and a quick trip through the history of Midtown — in the print exclusive in today’s paper. Online here at, you can read reporter Amanda Nalley’s blog about a ramble through Midtown’s nightlife with fellow reporter Elizabeth Mack and photographer Phil Sears. You’ll also find a 3D interactive map of Midtown, a photo gallery and videos.   We didn’t even come close to exploring all that Midtown has to offer. We’ll be going back again and again. We hope to see you there

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