Praying for a solution

Being from New Orleans, and living in the Panhandle of Florida, I can't help but feel helpless when it comes to the current catastrophe of the oil spill. I am constantly glued to the TV, and reading updates online about all that BP, and the government are doing to find a solution. 

It is crazy to me to think that the Gulf Coast has to go through this, when they still have not bounced back 100% from Katrina.....Fellow blogger I'm A Nola Girl  expressed her concerns regarding the incident here and here. Her posts are very informative, and encouraged me to be hopeful. She also shared the below two diagrams that address the impact of the leaks.

Since I cannot imagine a world without the wildlife in the panhandle.... From Pelicans to Blue Herons, Manatees to Alligators, Shrimp to Crawdaddys and everything in between... lets hope this mess gets cleaned up quickly.... 
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