I was talking with my friend Ashley yesterday who is T-minus 48 days till her wedding. We had a mini-discussion on the lost art of the RSVP. Not only are people "slacking" on RSVP'ing but several of the "men" who were invited are RSVP'ing and adding a plus one.. So crazy right?? Ashley, as any bride would be a a bit put off, as she is now placed in the position where she has to accept the +1's and increase her guest list & budget, and rearrange seating, etc.. Or make the potentially awkward phone call informing the invited guest that they cannot just add a +1....

This conversation got me to thinking.. Do these "guys" just know know the etiquette of an RSVP/wedding.. Do their dates know that they were not invited?  Does the M________ line not mean anything...

Did you know, that in "the olden days" guests didn’t even receive an RSVP card? They were expected to send back a reply on their own personal stationery….

This of course got me to thinking.. When one gets married do they  really want to keep a stack of generic RSVP cards w/ an M and a line?  Probably not.  But if you were to have a collection of handwritten notes from your friends and family that would be something to potentially keep.

This thought, led me to Alwaysablogsmaid, where I found the below post:

Room for Sentiments: Blank RSVPs

Currently, I’m in love with the idea of a blank RSVP card.  Too often people dumb down their guests and assume that if they don’t put a blank line with an M_______________  their guests will be too confused to know what to do.   However, recently, we sent out a formal invitation to over 350 guests for one of our clients weddings and opted to do a blank RSVP card with nothing but the notation of “The Favor of a Prompt Reply is Requested”.  I was AMAZED not only at the lack of CONFUSION, but of the bounty of warmly written, personal notes to the bride, groom and the bride’s parents (who issued the invite).  Still others opted for more creative and humorous responses (a giant YES in the middle of the card, for instance) as well as several, traditional, formal responses and declines to the invitation put forward.
 What are you thoughts on RSVP'ing.. While I can not speak about wedding RSVP's, I can share that often times I find people even skip the RSVP all together ..... Crazy right?

Do you find that people RSVP quicker if they have a self addressed/stamps card, do they call, email address. Do they let you know if they are bringing a plus-1? 

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  1. if you just send the blank RSVP card you have to know that your guests are ... cultured (?not sure if that is the word I want) or care enough to 1) send you an RSVP (as just receiving a response is an issue 2) not add "plus one". Umm, IDK perhaps this is a lost art that needs to be taught in high school? In Alachua County (way back when) boys and girls were req'd to take a Life Management Skills class were you learned a little about cooking, babies, finances, STDs, breast self-exams ... maybe they could add a one-day lesson on RSVPs!!!!!

    I love blank RSVP cards. I get out my etiquette book and write the formal, flourish-y "Mr. M-M H--- and Ms. J--- Sue B-- accept with kindness the invitation to attend the wedding of bride and groom at three o'clock in the afternoon, the 22nd of June 2010." I like to keep a little fancy in life.

    This is a NUMERO UNO reason to give high school graduates the invaluable gift of an etiquette book!!!!!!!!

    Step off soap box now :)