Seeing Stars

It is just 60 days until Alpha Chi Omega convention.. Time to complete my "star" list.. What is this??? Well, the Star Booth is an Alpha Chi Omega Convention tradition that provides an opportunity for Alpha Chi Omegas to recognize the special people in their life while supporting the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation.  With every $10 gift, one makes a “star” of a special friend or loved one. One does not have to attend convention to purchase a star, anyone can remember special sisters, friends and loved ones with a designated gift in their honor.

This is one of those times, I wish I "had a million dollars" .. as I would love to recognize so many of my close sisters/friends who have impacted my life and my time as an Alpha Chi....
  • Liz/Vanesse I will honor the current chapter president, & VP Education who are attending convention for the 1st time. I want them to feel welcome, and be able to participate in part of the convention fun.. Liz/Vanesse this one is for you.
  • Jessica Harwood-  was the VP Fraternity Relations I will forever remember from my collegiate days. She taught me ritual, and will forever be my "song leader" She will be my convention roomie, and will be attending for the 1st time! of course she gets a star....
  • Amy/Jennifer- My partners in crime! I swear with these two women by my side, I could accomplish anything. These ladies taught me everything I know about advising, they are my support system, my sisters, and my best friends.. Honoring them with a star is the least I an do.. They are priceless..
  • Sylvia- fellow BH, and outgoing Province Alumnae Chair. She is an inspiration for lifetime involvement. She holds Alpha Chi and BH close to her heart and inspires me to stay involved for years to come. 
  • Aggie/Claudia- the fearless BH duo..These ladies continue to shine bright, representing BH and Alpha Chi Omega on the national level. Their commitment and service to the organization is an inspiration. 
  • Bonnie Biggs- Simply put this gal makes me smile. From our shared love of recruitment and the statistics to our many phone calls to discuss chapter issues.. This girl deserves a star!!
  • Leslie Block- my partner in party planning... and fellow Xi Sigma Xi sister.. you deserve it gal
  • Darby Kennedy- Jenn and Amy introduced us and our shared love for the Alpha Chapter has brought us closer.. We both advice long distance, I look forward to seeing her at convention and hopefully in Indy for the 125th in October!
  • Marlene- this girl is amazing.. Not only did she drive down from Atlanta to Tallahassee to be there when I received my Young Alumnae of the Year award, we continue to grow closer through our shared love of history, and research.. 
  • Karen Reinhart- Every BH needs a star right??? And this girl will be presenting at convention.. so we have got to be sure she represents with all of her stars.. 
  • Susan- this girl has become a convention friend.. She is Amy Z's roomie... so coincidentally she sees a lot of me.... She is great fun.. and of course deserves a star.. 
This is my start on stars.... I will blog more once I determine the rest of my "star list."

Stars are fun to share ... and the money goes to a great cause- Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. In honor of Alpha Chi Omega’s 125th anniversary, the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation Board of Trustees is challenging our sisters to raise $125,000 to help ensure the Alpha Chi Omega experience continues for another 125 years.    The national leadership of Alpha Chi Omega has committed to gifting $25,000 and wants each of the four regions to match this gift.  Gifts made before and at Convention will be counted.  The region will be based on your address, unless you indicate you would like it attributed to a different region (this can be noted in the Additional Information blank on the online form).  Please see the map below to locate the region to which your state belongs.  (GO SOUTH!!)

star chart
Standings updated every Friday.


2500 stars per region

Total Donors


Total Stars Purchased

(including the Leadership Challenge)

Total Dollars Raised

(including the Leadership Challenge)

foundation map
Are you interested in recognizing someone? You can click here to order stars online..

Can't wait till convention!!



  1. Love you, love this post, can't wait for Convention! Thanks so much for honoring me with a star!!

  2. me too - a star :)
    Thanks girlie!
    I have my list, I just have to get it sent to Headquarters! It is on my "Memorial Day week" list of things to do.
    A lot of money for a good cause - he, he
    Vaneese and Liz are going? Wow, I should check my e-mail more since I didn't know my own advisee was planning to attend!