Extra post today.. the "top kill"

So what exactly does this procedure mean... 
The primary objective of the top kill process is to put heavy kill mud into the well so that it reduces the pressure and then the flow from the well. Once the kill mud is in the well and it’s shut down, then we follow up with cement to plug the leak.

For the top kill procedure we are designing equipment to pump the highest kill rate we can, irrespective of the flow rate of oil from the well, to force a downward flow of mud into the well. This, combined with the heavy drilling fluid is designed to eventually stop the flow. This has never been attempted at these depths. This is very complex – and involves several complex procedures coming together. 
Here is to hoping this works, and the flow of oil will lessen/stop so that the massive clean up efforts can begin. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the gulf 

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