Vacation dreaming...

 I truly believe in the motto, work hard to play hard, except for me.. it is more I work to travel. I love love traveling.. be it with friends or family, Domestically or Internationally .. So you might imagine I am quite excited about my summer plans, both those that are finalized, and those that are shaping up...
Memphis - for RFM training- I'll be sharing a room with one of my sisters from the West Coast (she works at Samford) and we will be visiting Chi Omega HQ for the training.. I am currently looking at things to do/see any the city..
The BF and I are thinking about Napa in June... as I have roughly 2 weeks of PTO to use, and he will be celebrating being done with classes... Also, on the radar, are Cape Code, New York, or Europe.. 

1.Ashley's wedding at Mission Inn, followed by 4th @ the beach & Red Sox vs Devil Rays game.
2. Alpha Chi Omega Convention in Washington DC
3. Potentially Paris for Bastille Day..

This summer is going to be one for the books!!

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