Always 13 = Always fun!

 As you know, my good friend Sean, as an amazing photography blog, Always 13. I joke that he can never be found without his camera.. but it's true, he always seems to have it handy to capture "the moment" Recently, he decided it was time, to snap some photos of me. Mind you it was a day, where I had my hair up in a pencil... (figures right?!) Anywho, I thought I would share some of the shots, as I truly laughed/made faces the entire time... and Sean captured them all .. I love it!!!  
Be sure to check out his blog, for some great images.. they will always make you smile!
  big eyes.. this is why you shouldn't talk while photos are being taken.. ha ha =) love it!!

my pouty face.. if it only worked 
I love this one, I am trying to maintain a smile while laughing


  1. <3 love these pictures <3 - you are so photogenic and Sean is a great photographer!

  2. love love love these photos. esp love to see your little pout captured on film... too cute (even if it's not as effective as you'd like). :)

  3. Britain, you better poke that lip back in before you trip on it!