More Weekend Fun.. & a BIG THANK YOU to Chi Omega Sorority...

Yesterday, I wrote about some of my happenings while in Memphis. Todays post is a little more "greek" As I will be sharing with you a little bit of Chi Omega History!!! First up, Memphis is home to 3 greek letter organizations. Chi Omega Sorority, Kappa Delta Sorority and  Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.  My photos of Kappa Delta, didn't come out, but below are pictures of "Pike"
Chi Omega, had a beautiful facility, and were truly the most gracious of hosts.  I am truly thankful to my fraternal friends for hosting!!! The facility boasted a beautiful museum, full of some amazing fraternity archives.. See some of my favorite items below
vintage Chi Omega rings, etched elevator with crest, great "old" photo from convention
Old jewelry, "Owl magazine" and Silver Clutch

Hat Pins, Loving Cup "goblet", original crest 
vintage pins, photos of founders, original badge of founder Dr. Richardson

            For those of you who know me, you know I love, love history and appreciate the ritual of organizations. As these are the two things that seperate each greek organization. Thanks again to Chi Omega for inviting their fraternal friends into their "HQ Home" for a weekend of training!!

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