O' Canada...

photo from design sponge
Who is excited about an upcoming Road Trip with the BF? 
This girl!!

Looks like we are headed to Canada.. Montreal & Old Quebec to be specific. We are going to try to plan our our entire trip tomorrow, so I of course will share more details one we have them worked out.. 
You may remember by prior Canada post, where I openly admitted that I did not know a ton about the country.. Well things are changing my friends.. Thanks to google, travel books, my trusty atlas, and friends suggestions I am uber excited about the time we will spend in Canada, and the list of things to do and see is quickly growing. 
My good friend JennySue sent me a link to the Design Sponge page for Montreal. It is great as things always are from them...  You might remember when I shared the Design Sponge Tallahassee Link here


  1. ahh you're planning it tomorrow? i will email you a charleston "to-do" list :)

  2. Yay I'm looking forward to following along on your travels via your blog. Love the photo!!