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So the big road trip is only a day away.... Tomorrow after work the BF and I will back up his TSX, and head to Jacksonville, to spend the night at Paul & Joys. Then we will wake up in the wee hours of the am, and get on the road. The plan is to drive as far as we can toward Canada, and then crash for the night, before crossing the border & heading to Old Quebec on Sunday.... I will of course be blogging our adventures as we slowly make our way back to Tallahassee... but wanted to share some of our plans...
Ithaca, NY, Amherst, Mass, Washington, DC, Charleston, and all of the random towns inbetween...

I am especially excited about Charleston, as my friend, Maddy, made me the cutest list of places to go. Check our her recomendations below:

Charleston is about 1 hour off i-95 down highway 17... just an FYI although I'm sure google maps will know this too haha.

When you get there (downtown Charleston) you should immediately eat at:

1. the Kickin' Chicken (located on King Street)
2. Jim 'n Nicks BBQ (also located on King Street a few blocks down from Kickin' Chicken)

3.if you're there for breakfast we hear Jestine's is highly recommended.
We have never been but there is usually a line so go early :)

4. Andolini's pizza is also delicious (huge pizzas!) if you're in the mood for italian.
I believe it's on Coming Street.

as far as hotels go a few inns and cute places come up on Google with good reviews if you search "inn charleston sc" I believe the cute one I have seen was called Jasmine House, no idea on prices though (when we go we stay in North Charleston where the AF base is..

Folly Beach is a place close by that is an adorable little island filled with bars and restaurants and a beach, of course. we have never been to the ocean there but went to a bar there once for some live music and it was great. We also really like the Ft. Sumter tour- 

next to where the boat leaves/docks is the South Carolina Aquarium which is a pretty building, it's a little expensive but it's fun to walk around and see some of the native wildlife and they do have a nice set up.

ok.. i must share I am excited about our time in Charleston, just form Maddy's email.. 

Be sure to check back to see where the BF & I end up!!! 

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  1. I feel like a travel agent!! I will update you if there's anything I forgot... but those places are MUST see! you will love King street.. I know it :)