Peggy is 100!!!

from left to right: (Linda (Gamma Epsilon, Oklahoma State), Kris (Beta Eta, Florida State), Norma (Gamma Epsilon, Oklahoma State), Amy (Zeta Upsilon, Case Western Reserve), Britain (Beta Eta, Florida State), Jennifer (Theta Lambda, Clemson); seated Peggy (Psi, Oklahoma).      

This past Friday, after the Seminole Baseball game, I attended a super special event. A local Alpha Chi Omega Alumna turned 100!!! Peggy, is an initiate of the Psi chapter, at the University of Oklahoma. The Epsilon Tau Epsilon Alumnae chapter President, Amy, contacted Westminster Oaks where Peggy lives to arrange for us to come by for a celebration. The staff at Westminister Oaks was great!!! They arranged for a "mini party" for Peggy. When we arrived she recognized the Red Carnations we brought for her, and asked if we were her sorority sisters, and Alpha Chi's! We all gathered in a room, sang Happy Birthday, had cake & icecream & Peggy opened her cards/gifts. She especially loved an Alpha Chi mug from Linda.

It was truly so great to be part of something so special! And the fun didn't stop there! After celebrating Peggys birthday, we visited other Alpha Chi Omega alumnae who live at Westminister Oaks, and even celebrated a 60 year pinning (complete with ceremony)

Amy, will be blogging more about the events on ETE's blog! and the event is even going to be featured on the Alpha Chi website

Just another shinning example of why I am proud to be an Alpha Chi Omega, and why I feel blessed to have such amazing friends and sisters in Tallahassee.. Thanks for the memories.....


  1. That is SO COOL! What an amazing experience! That is so special! :)

  2. Have to send out props to Jenn who is the one who made the call to Westminster to let them know we wanted to visit!

    It was a great afternoon!