Road Trip 2010 (Sunday edition)

  Well, we had a full day yesterday.. It was great to travel through Western Mass with the BF. Seriously, since he went to undergrad at U Mass Amherst, he totally knew all the local places to stop at, backroads to travel, and had so many stories to share. I must say, I had a blast.

   After catching up on a bit of sleep from driving, we went to the Dr Seuss Park. I love Dr. Seuss, so I thought this was great!

We left Seuss land, and headed for the Yankee Candle factory store & largest Christmas store ever! It was great.. We made candles, hung out in the Christmas area, where it snowed (it does ever 4 minutes) and while walking through the toy land- we ran into "Santa" ..

We then headed to Mt. Sugar loaf. A great State Park, where we travel up the steepest, winding road to the top where you could look out and see both Mass, and VT. It was a breathtaking view.. 
Next up was a campus/area tour of U Mass Amherst, the BF showed me the residence halls, & apartments that he lived in during his time at Amherst. We also traveled around campus, so I could see the Alpha Chi Omega Chapter house, buildings he had class in, hangouts, etc. We also parked for a bit, and walked around campus- there was a cute little lake with TONS of ducks and squirrels (the squirrels were crazy, and would follow us)
off to bed.. as we are off to Canada tomorrow

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