Road trip 2nd Friday edition

  Well, we began our travels towards Montreal/Otawaa.. and it was quite the adventure.. as our GPS had no information for the area, so our screen looked like we were on a glaicer, and I was forced to navigate the "old school" way with the Atlas.. I must say, I did quite well.. we arrived on time and without any fights or issues being lost..


Montreal, is my least favorite city that we have traveled to thus far. My personal opinion, is that it is just a big city with a couple things to do..  We stayed at an AMAZING hotel, and had breakfast in bed.. (the highlight of Montreal) It is not very pretty, and not the easiest to navigate thru. We were able to see the Olympic Park, Notre Dame, and a couple small things. The biodome was closed due to a strike, so we missed that.. But did go to the top of Olympic park.. 
Next up Ottawa!!

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