Road Trip 2nd Saturday Edition -

  We arrived in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. a near 30 minutes after the 5.6 earthquake had shook the city. It was crazy. Everyone was a little shaken up, but things the city seemed to be fine, as the majority of the damage was north of the city. After checking in, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner in downtown Ottawa, and a brief walk around the city, before calling it a night.

The next morning, we took in the capital city, visiting the Supreme Court, Confederation Building, Parliament Hill, etc.. To our surprise. The president of China was visiting Ottawa, thus we were unable to go to the top of Parliament, as it was shut down for security reasons. We were able to take in the protests, and craziness surrounding the Presidents arrival..


Up next Niagara Falls (Canadian side)


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  1. lovely architecture! um, did BF bring anything besides shorts? just chuckling that you are all in dresses per usual and he is short-ing it :)