Road Trip, Wednesday edition..

Well, we arrived in Montreal last night. We had dinner at the cutest French/Louisiana restaurant Baton Rouge., headed back to the hotel, where we relaxed and planed the next couple days of our trip. (the BF enjoyed relaxing on our couch, while I uploaded photos to facebook and updated the blog..
We decided even before left, that we would map out a rough plan, but opt'd to plan as we went, so that we could stay longer, or shorter if we loved/hated an area. And also so we could judge how far we would drive on our next stop based off how we were feeling.. So what is next for us: Tonight we will spend the day in Montreal. We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the hotel, and an hour of catching up on the news (FSU is still in the CWS, USA in the World Cup, etc) before hitting the town. We want to see some of the historic sights, as well as the Olympic Village, the Bio Dome, and local market (where we plan to have lunch) Next up: Ottawa, (the BF is a huge politics junkie, so he is uber excited about seeing Parliament), then onto Toronto and Niagara Falls on Friday.. 

Not sure if we will have internet tomorrow night.. will be back soon with more photos/updates..... 

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