Summer reading

Fun fact about me: I LOVE to read. You will almost never find me without a book in my purse, or on my bedside stand. I am constantly looking for a good book to read, and am always open to trying something new. While I have my "favorite" genres, authors, etc. I am always open to trying something new... this trait often leads to me "stepping outside" of my norm and reading all of the books that are given/suggested to me.

With that being said, let me share some books that I have recently read/am reading/are in the pile on my bedside stand to start reading (note I am taking several books on my upcoming roadtrip)

The BF bought me this book. I am about 100 pages in and like it thus far.      

I love Emily Griffin books! Something Borrowed, Something blue, etc.. Can't wait to read this one.. I am waiting until the "road trip" .. as I know it will be a quick read


this book was just given to me by a friend, no clue what it is about.. but it is in the que for summer reads!


I love Malcolm Gladwells' book. I am about half way through this book.. Some great inspiration for life, work etc..

Do you have any summer reading suggestions? Favorite books? Please share!

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  1. Ali JimenezJune 17, 2010

    Baby Proof from Emily Griffin was good! Read it last week.