STOP.. before you read this post.. please note that this does not have to do with me. Just something interesting that I wanted to share..

However, sooooo many of my friends are starting to have the "baby" conversation with their husband, that I just had to share.. I came across this on the Blue-Eyed Brides blog. and immediately started trying to figure out what some of my friends were going to have..  The charts below are pretty self explanatory..

this particular gender chart found here

The Blue Eyed Bride remarked "In all my experience, the chart has been correct. I’ve seen different versions of the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart, but they’re always all correct with anyone that I ask. And my OBGYN even said that it was correct for her children and she planned her pregnancies around the chart."

Well friends, looks like you may be able to try to determine what you are going to have....

Can't wait to share adorable pictures of my friends new babies in upcoming months!


  1. FOR the record....I may be the first person ever, but this chinese gender calendar was WRONG for me! It said we were having a girl (as well as did my instincts), but both were wrong since we are having a BOY!

  2. Here is another one and it's opposite on ours??? Twins? One of each?? Just kidding, there is only one peanut :)