Be The One

 I am excited to share with those that read my blog the the launch of the "Be The One" campaign. I came across it, while reading one of my regular "blog reads" Southern Gent. The blogger is a truly "frattastic" younger gentleman, who currently lives in DC, but hails from even further south. He blogs about life, clothes, and his adventures.. 

I am hoping some of my readers will support the "Be the One" campaign and even participate- this isn't about clothes, or koozies, or food and booze; it's about the facts:
  • Energy: Almost 50% of the U.S. energy supply comes from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Seafood: 2/3 of our shrimp and oysters we all enjoy come from the Gulf
  • Shipping: 7 out of 10 of the nation's largest shipping ports are in the Gulf
  • Wildlife: 40% of North America's duck, geese, swan and eagles use the Gulf as their flyway 
Presented by the nonpartisan, non-politcal advocacy group Women of the Storm, the "Be the One" campaign seeks to rally the nation through this viral video and demand that anything short of complete restoration of the Gulf of Mexico, it's coast lines and America's wetlands is unacceptable.

Be The One to Help Restore America's Gulf: Sign It. Share It. Restore It.

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