Convention Continued

Convention continued today with more chapter meeting. We had to meet early since we left a motion on the floor. Jessica and I were in our assigned seats by 8am.

we also managed to gather a couple more starts from donations to the star booth to adorn our badges
Next up was the housing luncheon. I was lucky enough to be able to sit at the front table, due to my service on the Volunteer Task Force, as a Chapter Relations specialist. The centerpieces were the chapter house cut outs made my Cat's meow.. A close up of the Beta Eta chapter house is below.

After lunch we headed to the 125th celebration.. It was AMAZING.. we were able to hear the voices of our founders at the 25th national convention.. They were discussing each other, the founding, etc.. Such a treat.. I can't wait to see/hear more of the found "aluminum records" as they are deciphered. After the event Jessica and I had to teach one of my favorite "Legacies" Becca the Alpha Chi "sign"
Last but certainly not least the Xi Omega Xi, Beta Eta virtual chapter was installed..


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