Perhaps I'll now join the Toms shoe trend...

How cute are the below wedges from TOMS. They are under $70, so you can get your pair of wedges and also give another pair of shoes to a child that needs them in less developed parts of the world. You can read more about the TOMS movement, documentary, blog here (where they just delivered around 7,000 shoes in Ethopia- my good friend Dawn from college was actually able to go!!) 
While I have always loved the mission and idea behind Toms I have not actually purchased a pair, as I was not a fan of the slip on (as seen below) ... now to decide if I want the adorable nautica ones below.. or if I want a simiple pair of black ones.. decisions decisions.. 
at least no matter what I decide it is guilt-free shopping!


  1. I was JUST having a conversation with a friend of mine about the wedges! She's a Vols fan and will of course be getting the orange ones. I want the Navy ones!

  2. The wedges are cute! I had a pair of the flats and while SUPER comfortable I wore them on vacation and they had a giant hole in them by the end of the week. :( Sort of disappointing for how much I spent on them. Glad someone in need got some shoes though. :)

  3. The cozy pumpkin- thanks for stopping by, be sure to become a follower! glad to hear that they are comfortable! sad they didn't hold up..

    Jenn- you know you want to get some orange ones!