Well the Real World New Orleans aired a month ago today on MTV. I was able to catch one of the episodes this past week. I remember LOVING the Real World, when I was younger, watching it religiously, but honestly,  this time around I had a different outlook on the show. Maybe it is because I am getting older, maybe it is because I am a chapter adviser, and see the risks, binge drinking, and drama that the show instigates.  But I was left almost feeling sorry for those cast for the show. It seems as though the cast members are all "cast" and "shoot" to fit a specific stereotype, and no matter what that is what they are going to be known for in the end.. 

Will, I watch the show again? possibly, as I enjoy that this season is shot in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, and that I they show various areas of the city, the celebration on Bourbon when the Saints win the SuperBowl, etc. But will I watch another season, probably not.. 


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