Q: Do any of these remind you of....

A: the current Gap windows and in-store marketing for the jean leggins (aka "jeggins") Maybe, it is because I look at the marketing at work, but the yellow and gray images  below caught my eye when I was perusing some of my favorite design blogs.  If you haven't seen the new windows/marketing, be sure to head to a Gap store and check it out, (and maybe shop a bit while you are there too) While I may be bias, I love love the colors together!

While perusing blogs, I learned that the colors Gray and Yellow are often chosen due to the below:
  • GRAY: Used well, the color gray can lend interiors an elegant formality that is subtle without being overly conservative. It is the color if you want to create an air of calm, understated confidence.  
  • YELLOW: Is often described as an optimistic, life-affirming color that reminds us of sunshine and stimulates our mind, body and emotions.   
  • Enjoy the below images!

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  1. I am helping my Dad with some updates around the house and we are painting the walls white with gray trim and yellow fun! It should be a very low key elegance!