For my regular readers.. you know I am going to say .. before you visit any city, a great site to check out is Design Sponge.. Well, A good friend of mine, Peyton & her boyfriend, Bryan, will be traveling to Boston to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.. Neither of them have been to the city.. Since it is one of my favorite cities I of course offered to share some of my favorite sites and "to-do's" .. and since the BF attended undergrad at Amherst, he weighed in while I was typing this post..

1. Visit Design Sponge Boston for some great shopping places to hit
2. North End- Mikes for pastries, & Italian for dinner..
3. Great Thai place in Harvard Square (Chris recommends walking around the area) he can't remember the name of the restaurant, but will get back to you..
4. Duck Tour. you can see a decent amount of the city, & get history while quaking away..
5. Check out a RED SOX game and have a Fenway Frank! and if you can't go to a game you can still take a tour.. and if you are over that way.. go to Cask n' Flagon bar next to Fenway
7. Copley Square .. and do the mall and Pru (Prudential Center) .. get drinks at the top
8. JFK memorial.. it is on the Redline headed toward Briantree
9. Visit Cheers- ok- this is cheesy & not the best bar in Boston.. but something you have to do, to say you did it..
10. Additional Bars- Bull & Finch, Greatest Bar, Bell & Hand , McGanns Irish Pub (197 Portland St- from Chris)
11. Stephanies on Newbury- one of my favorite lunch places.. 
12. Take the Freedom Trail.. you can see tons of historic places.... some of them are below.. or you can check out the tail online and visit the things you want to see..
Call me if you have any questions or if there is anything in particular you want to see/do
or want suggestions  on.. Can't wait to hear all about your trip & of course see photos!

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