Carnation love..

I must say that I think Carnations often get a bad rap. While they are not my favorite flower, I have grown to love them, as they are the flower of Alpha Chi Omega..  I am always looking for new ways to display them. 

Recently, while "blog surfing" I came across Short and Sweet, she had commented on another blog, and I noticed she was an Alpha Chi.. I headed over to check out her blog and was presently surprised to find that she recently hosted a dinner party, and used carnations... I had to share here for all of you to see .. Carnations can be fun! LOVE IT..

please note all photos are from Short and Sweet


  1. You are too sweet!! It was really funny when I decided on red carnations for the dinner party because I wanted roses but carnations are cheaper and because they are the flower of AXO they hold a special place in my heart ( lost on my dinner guests I'm sure...none of which are axo's) I thought they ended up looking very pretty and I'm glad you agree!!

  2. I think Miss V made a lovely display with the flowers as well.
    I too wish I could fall in love with our flower, sigh. But it will hold a special place in my heart because it was our sorority flower.

  3. Sooo CUTE AXO LOVE <3
    PS: You've been tagged ;)