Jcrew opens a Bridal boutique

well it is official, Jcrew has opened a bridal boutique in NYC!! The NY Mag posted an article of the store opening and a fabulous slideshow of what the store looks like, dresses, jewelry, and more. 

While I am not a huge fan of most of their dresses.. I do LOVE LOVE their bridesmaid dresses. As someone who has been a bridesmaid many a time, I can assure you that you most often don't wear the bridesmaid dress again.. ,but with JCrew Dresses you totally could



  1. whaaat I love their dresses! Most of the time anyway, they could stand to have a little more lace though :)

  2. I have/had a Jcrew bridesmaid dress. Not a fan (but it was completely unflattering for me). Well made and great quality fabric though.