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”If you like her, if she makes you happy, and if you feel like you know her—-then don’t let her go.
— Nicholas Sparks
this totally reminds me of the "older gentleman" at Ashley's wedding, that was giving Chris a hard time about us not being married. It is a totally funny short story. We sit down at the rehearsal dinner table, and the gentleman pours me a glass of wine and asks if my husband would like some wine, I politely respond "while he is not my husband, I am sure he would love some wine" To which the gentleman then turns to my BF, and says "Why are you not married to this beautiful girl" The conversation went on for a few minutes with the gentleman questioning if the BF likes me, if I make him happy, how long we have been dating, etc, etc. The conclusion is my the gentleman is that the BF should ask me to marry him. the BF and I both respond that we haven't been dating that long, but are happy. The gentleman not content with this answer, lets it go in the moment, but continues to bring it up throughout the night.. The BF and I got a good laugh out of it... but when I ran across the above quote all I could think about was the gentleman giving the BF a lecture on why he shouldn't "let me go" He meant well, and was oh so cute.. 

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