How to open a bottle of wine on a work site

I love love reading the A Taste of France blog. It truly has some great recipes, while incorporating daily life in France and fun excerpts throughout the blog.. Recently they had a post on how to open a bottle of wine on a work site.. The post truly made me smile and giggle outloud to myself.. Of course I then had to share it with you so you can do the same.. Can you imagine doing the below.. so crazy right? enjoy... .and be sure to check out the blog for your own daily does of France.. 
1. Choose the perfect bottle of wine from your cave. A red wine with low alcohol in case you are planning to continue working after lunch.

2. Stop by a boulangerie for sweet and savory goodies to enjoy with your wine.

3. Screw a large screw into the cork using a screwdriver.

4. Pull out the cork using a pair of pliers and some muscle.

5. Et voila! You are now ready to serve your wine.

6. Cut a plastic water bottle in half using a straight edge razor. Serve, cheers and enjoy!

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  1. I would love to work there! Smart people with good taste in food and wine? Where do I send my CV?