New find!

 I love stationary, seriously I have two full drawers of it. I have stationary and cards for every occasion, some may say it is crazy. But I honestly write a ton of snail mail each week. Each Sunday I try to write a letter to my grandparents on both sides. I also try to send mail to my friends who live out of town.

Recently I came across English Tea Paperie. It it the most adorable site, with simple, classic stationary.. Feel free to check it out and get 25% off at with code: FB250 (limit once per customer)



  1. These notecards are so pretty! I'm in the market for some "we've moved" cards. Have you seen any cute ones?

  2. hey girl..what kind are you looking for, premade or personalized.. I love love Ashley Brooke Designs.. You could totally have her whip up something with you and your hubby and use the design for other things as well.. If you are looking for premade.. have you checked out http://www.minted.com/ or I have a couple other sites I have blogged about (see the stationary link to the right) or if you want to make them I love love paper source.. let me know ill def. look for some for you!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting about English Tea Paperie, I really appreciate it! For the next week, use the code FALL for 40% off!

    Happy shopping!