Thanksgiving place cards..

Can fall be here already? I am getting excited for all things fall, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc..
and I think I may need to make these this year.??
You can purchase the kit to make these from Paper-Source. But, if you want a fun do-it-yourself project, here are the details.

You’ll need:
Yellow, orange, and white paper (not cardstock; you could use scrapbooking paper or construction paper)
Green paper (for the leaves)
Green-wrapped floral wire
Cut the yellow, orange, and white paper into 3″  by 3/4″  inch strips. You’ll need 12 strips for each pumpkin. Punch a tiny hole in each end of the strips just large enough for the floral wire to go through.
Cut the green-wrapped floral wire into 6″  pieces.
Take a piece of floral wire and curl one end in a circle around the pen. This is the base of the pumpkin, which helps it sit flat on the table and keeps the pumpkin together.
Now, slip one end of all 12 pieces of paper onto the wire so the paper rests at the base of the pumpkin on the green wire. Curve the paper so the other ends will slide onto the wire. The paper should curve but not be folded or bent. Make a small, tight loop with the wire to secure the paper in place so it won’t move up or down.
Now, draw a leaf shape on the green paper. The thin end of the leaf should be longer because you’ll fold it in half to wrap it around the wire and tape that end to the back side of the leaf. Make sure the leaf is large enough to be able to write a name on it but not so big that it dominates your pumpkin. Cut that leaf out, and trace it to make as many more leaves as you need to make all your place cards. Write the names on your leaves.
Then, as mentioned above, fold (but don’t crease) the thin end of the leaf, and tape it to the back with a small piece of tape. Slide the leaf over the wire so it rests on top of the small loop at the top of the pumpkin. Wrap the rest of the wire around your pen to create the loops for the top of the pumpkin’s stem.
Fan out the pieces of paper into the shape of a pumpkin. Place the pumpkin on your table, and you have a fabulous do-it-yourself name card for Thanksgiving or any fall meal!

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