Truly Preppy Baby...

I love the photo above.. precious right??
With so many of my close, close friends, expecting, I often find myself searching websites, &  for baby names, baby shower ideas, and baby clothes.. While I have blogged about diaper cakes I created, how to create your own diaper cake,  baby showers,  and so many other baby things (you can view all baby posts by clicking on the word baby, under past posts to the right----->) 
The one things I haven't really blogged about it baby names. I love old fashion, preppy, classic names. I love names that stand out, and names that people will remember.. Perhaps this is becuase my own name is Britain. I love names that will grown with an individual. Meaning, to me, some names sound childish for an adult, or too adult for a child.
A leading baby names site has done a great job of identifying names that many people think of as preppy, ranging from proper names (Parker, Spencer, Caroline, Meredith) to nicknames (Chip, Skip, Missy, etc). The website Baby Names Garden has just published their updated guide to preppy names and it's a lot of fun to browse and check out the origins and meanings of the names. They also have a list of  user-contributed names, that is almost entertaining to check out. 
 Baby Names Garden is  doing a really cool giveaway of True Prep and I of course have to share it with you.Basically, they are offering everyone the chance to chime in and set the record straight -- The giveaway is for J. Crew gift certificates and/or signed copies of True Prep for prizes!
Do you have a favorite baby name? be sure to comment below!


  1. My first daughter is already named- Sadie Faye, after my grandmother and Great Grandmother. :)

  2. Maybe I should name peanut, Muffy?! LOL :)